Things To Consider When Writing An Annotated Bibliography

By Nerdpro on 31 October 17 Annotated Bibliography

When writing a research paper or report, it is essential to make sure all components of a report are duly included in the same. One of the elements that find the place at the end of a book, document or article is a bibliography. It is a list of citations to these documents or articles. When writing an annotated bibliography, care should be taken that a brief of about 150 words must follow each citation. This brief could be an evaluative or descriptive paragraph which is referred to as the annotation. It is added as information to the readers about the accuracy, relevance, and quality of sources that have been cited.

How to create an annotated bibliography?

When writing an annotated bibliography, the writer must apply different intellectual skills like succinct analysis, concise exposition and well-informed library research.

He must begin with locating and recording citations to periodicals, books, and documents that may consist of useful ideas and information on the topic. Next, the items must be thoroughly examined and reviewed. Choose writings that offer different perspectives on your chosen topic. Use appropriate style to cite the article, book or document.

Next, a concise annotation must be written that summarizes the scope and central theme of the article or book. It may include a couple of sentences that evaluate the background and authority of the author, contrast or compare work with other cited work and explain how the work of a specific author adds value to the bibliography topic.

If you are confused about writing an annotated bibliography, seek help from experts in the field.

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