Money Back Guarantee

Top-Quality Assurance

At NerdPRO we utilize a ton of measures to ensure best-in-quality essays and assignments. Respect to detail and quality assurance is given every step of the way. We make use of plagiarism checks and are not satisfied unless your paper is 100% plagiarism free. We never resell our customers papers. Your paper is guaranteed to be 100% original, engaging and truly one-of-a-kind. You’re always assigned the best writer for the job.

Editing (Peace of Mind!)

It’s not enough that we offer superior quality for all of our finished writing products, we also offer thorough, peace of mind editing services for those customers that need that extra assurance. So what should you do if you want some extra Woah! factor? Simply select our #1 TOP Writer option and pair that with our thorough editing service to ensure 2x the success! Our editors revise academic work to meet the highest standards and provide that necessary 2nd set of eyes which can further steer your paper towards that A+. Editing polishes and refines language, adds additional sources when necessary and ensures your reference style is filed to the “T”.

Confidentiality Guarantee

We work extremely hard to protect your confidentiality and we ensure that we do not use your personal information for any other purpose, other than what’s necessary to complete your order. You will only ever be asked to provide necessary details for our writers to execute and deliver an exceptionally written paper, suited to your needs. Nothing more and nothing less. We take pride in our compliance relating to payment. If you have any questions regarding our payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact our VIP support for further details. We keep knowledge of your transaction with us privileged and secured – no one will ever find out you used our services thanks to our advanced security protocols at

Money Back Guarantee

Upon receipt of your paper, if you notice that the paper is off topic or that your brief and written instructions were ignored, you can ask for a refund. We would simply ask for supporting documentation and we would ask for the request within 14 days of assignment completion. When a refund is granted in these circumstances it will be a partial refund. Please note that a higher refund will be granted if an in-store credit is requested. Finally, 100% money back refunds are provided prior to the student/customer downloading the completed paper or assignment. All approved refunds will be submitted via a store-credit to the purchasers credit card.

Top Grade Guarantee

If you pair up our #1 Top Writer service with our editing service and fail to meet your desired grade, simply send us supporting documentation and upon approval we will issue you a 25% store credit towards your next essay or assignment purchase.

24/7/365 VIP Support

We’re proud to offer you 24/7/365 VIP support which puts you in the driver seat and treats you like the rock star you deserve to be. We provide immediate attention and solutions to any question or concern you may have throughout your relationship with us: from initial inquiry, to your order, to alumni support after you have enjoyed academic success from our service, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

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