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By Nerdpro on 18 October 17 Bibliography

We hear all the time from students whose most-dreaded aspect of paper-writing isn’t the paper itself, it’s the Bibliography. We understand! Citation styles are finicky, detailed things, and it’s easy to get confused. But there are easy ways you can make putting your bibliography together easier and less stressful!

Collect the Information You Need As You Go

This is our number one piece of advice: don’t wait until the end to do all the work needed for the bibliography! That can make the task feel overwhelming, not to mention if you had to turn a book back into the library, getting the information you need may prove impossible because you can’t get the book back before the paper is due.

Instead, start a document as soon as you begin researching. You can do this online in an Excel or Word document, whichever you prefer.

Get into the habit of collecting as much of the information you need as possible from a source before you start to read it. Here are two handy templates of the information you need to collect – feel free to copy and paste it into a Word document (and then just use it over and over for each source) or if you prefer Excel, create a column for each, and then each source will go on its own row.

Printed Sources:

Online Sources:

Check Your Citation Style

Make sure you know which citation style you’re supposed to use – your teacher or professor should have told you, and it may also be included in the syllabus or assignment information. If you’re not sure, don’t assume! It’s worth it to ask your professor so you’re sure you do it correctly.

Citation Generators

Did you know that today, you don’t have to do your Bibliography by hand? There are amazing tools available now, thanks to technology, that can help you craft your bibliographical entries in the proper style! These websites allow you to enter information, and then provides a properly-formatted citation for you:

Using one of these tools doesn’t mean you don’t need to understand how a proper citation is created. These tools are time-savers only, not a complete substitute for your work. You should carefully look over the generated entries to make sure they are correct before putting them together to create your Bibliography.

If creating your Bibliography stresses you out or if you just don’t have enough time to get it done, you can always turn to NerdPro Writing. We’d be happy to help you with your bibliography – get in touch with us today!

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